Helen Mirren in ‘The Tempest’.

Kenneth Branagh and Alex Kingston take the lead roles in this great tragedy of love and power, a new production to mark the 450th anniversary of the birth of William Shakespeare.
Duration: 2 hours, 25 minutesFirst broadcast: Sunday 20 April 2014 [x]


I have to say, all those years since ‘96 where perhaps I thought, as I did at one time, that the Eighth Doctor, by dint of the failed TV pilot… that the Eighth Doctor, though liked in some quarters, perhaps wasn’t so liked in others, and was only tolerated in the scheme of things…

There’s no doubt now, in my mind, that the Eighth Doctor is part of it, that he’s right there in the heart of it. He has earned his place, and that’s really gratifying.





It’s a fucking Nick Furry cosplay cat.

I tried to scroll past it.

hahahahah. yes.